I Know Someone Interesting

I Know Someone Interesting

Alberto Aguilera Valadez, more known as Juan Gabriel, was one of the most important song-writers that Mexico has had. He was born in January 7th of 1950, in Paracuaro, Michoacan. When he was five years old, his mother interned him in the School of Social Improvement for Minors. He spent 8 years in there, and he met Juan Contreras, his music teacher. When he was 13 years old, he scaped and went to live with his teacher. One year later, he reunited with his mother, and they went to Juarez City to sell “burritos”. Then, he started to travel to different cities to find job opportunities, but he stayed in Tijuana. While he was there, he got a job at the Nic Bar and then at the Noa-Noa Bar. His job was to sing in these two places. With what he earned, he went back to Juarez City, and worked for artists as Leo Dan, Angelica Maria and Roberto Jordan. While he was there, he got acused for a false robbery, and he went to Lecumberri’s Penitentiary. After one and a-half year, La Prieta Linda helped him go out. Then, he met RCA’s director and in 1971 he signed his first contract using the pseudonym of Juan Gabriel, in honor to his music teacher and his father. After that, he realised his first album called “El Alma Joven”, which had the successful song, “No Tengo Dinero”. After that, the rest is history.

Coronavirus Recommendations.

Coronavirus Recommendations 

Coronavirus is a group of viruses that can cause respiratory symptoms. The recommendations given by the authorities are simple to follow and will have a great impact in your health.

For preventing any possible virus, you should wash your hands frequently. Another recommendation is that you should not touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Hands are a common infection point, and if you touch your face, you can easily transfer the virus to your body. These two recommendations only imply yourself, however it is necessary to imply the people that surround you too for a better prevention. WHO’s recommendation is that you should have a minimum distance of one meter with a person that coughs or sneezes frequently.

By following these recommendations, you will have a lower risk of contracting the disease. Taking care of others’ health is not only their responsibility, it is yours too.